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Foundation Construction

The best type of foundations depend on the surrounding conditions. As a trusted foundation construction company, we provide the ideal solution.

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All buildings require foundations, although there are many different types and methods available. The requirements of each project vary and depends on numerous factors including the type of soil and levels of moisture. As an established foundation construction company, 4Site Construction are on hand to carry out effective foundation construction solutions as advised by the professional design team. We can liaise directly with the environmental consultant and professional design team so we are ready to hit the ground running with the requirements for your project.


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The team at 4Site Construction have over 35 years of experience dealing with building foundations for varied types of projects, making us a skilled foundation construction company. We are used to being proactive and also on hand to help problem solve should the need arise and therefore are able to provide the ideal solution for your project Contact us today to speak to one of our team for expert advice and a speedy no-obligation quote.


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Ground Beams

Ground beams offer an alternative to other types of building foundations and are typically built from reinforced concrete which is constructed at foundation level. Their primary purpose is to support walls where the soil below is weak. Typically ground beams are often quick to implement which can speed up the construction process whilst providing an effective solution during the foundation construction stage.

Pile Caps

A pile cap is used to distribute the weight of a building, creating stable building foundations where the ground below is soft or unbalanced. Pile caps consist of a large concrete mat that will sit above the piles to carry the load of the structure being built above.

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Upmost Attention to Detail

Upmost Attention to Detail

Practicality, safety, longevity and aesthetics are never overlooked by our professional team.

Full Project Managment

Full Project Managment

Years of experience providing quality solutions to meet our clients’ goals has allowed us to perfect the process.

Independant & Flexible

Independant & Flexible

Working around your schedule, count on our team to carry out their work in the most efficient way for you.

Maintaining Professionlaism

Maintaining Professionlaism

Maintaining our high standards at all times, the team are all extremely experienced within the industry.

Responsible & Unobtrusive

Responsible & Unobtrusive

We keep disruption to your daily life as limited as possible, keep you informed through every step of the process.

Case Study

Greenwich, London – 61 Unit Student Scheme

Here we helped the main contractor on a very time constrained project with the clearance of the previous warehouse and installing foundations in an area where there is a high UXO risk. The 4 storey concrete frame for this high end student scheme had the rooms and upper level corridors built from modular construction.

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Strip Foundations

This form of foundation construction is the most popular and consists of a continuous strip of concrete supporting load-bearing walls. There are two kinds of typical strip foundations:

  • Deep strip foundations
    This method is used where the building foundations need to be at a lower level. The process consists of digging a deep trench to reach the soil which can then be used to undertake the work. After this, the strip foundations are dug and poured before a wall is built up to ground level.
  • Wide strip foundations
    If the soil is soft or cannot bear a heavy load, this method is recommended. The wide strip foundations spread the load over a larger area and are reinforced with steel to reduce the loading per m².


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Raft Foundations

Raft foundations are suitable for weak soils but also expensive soils including peat and clays. Wide strip foundations wouldn’t work in this scenario as they would not spread far enough and the soil would not be able to withhold the building foundations. Raft foundations hold the weight of a building above the soil to avoid expensive foundation repairs in the future. This option is also much more cost-effective than having to pour and reinforce a concrete slab.

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Pad Foundations

Typically, pad foundations are used to distribute the weight being put on the ground through individual or multiple columns. The shape in the building foundation plans will be determined by the composition of these columns. Generally, they tend to be square or rectangular, being determined by the agreed bearing pressure of the soil.

The thickness of the foundations vary to suit the distribution of the load and the weight being applied to the ground below. Often the slab will be higher in the middle than around the edges which is tricky to construct but provides an economic resolution.


Trench Fill Foundations

Trench fill building foundations are increasing in popularity compared to deep strip foundations due to the high labour cost entailed. This approach requires a smaller trench to be dug as building masonry below ground level is not needed, saving time and cost due to less concrete and manpower being required.

Typically the trench fill foundation process requires a trench to be dug until the soil can provide sufficient load-bearing capacity. At this point it can be filled with concrete and sometimes steel reinforcement, dependant on the individual property conditions.

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